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Motivational Monday

Filmmakers Discuss 14-year Wait for Incredibles 2 + Picking up Where They Left Off #Incredibles2Event

Wow! Can you believe we are at the halfway mark of 2018?! Even better is that we are now only 11 days away from opening day of Incredibles 2! And unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re just as excited and ready as the rest of us are. Over the past several weeks I’ve been sharing the exclusive experience I had at Pixar back in April (links to all the coverage is below). While at Pixar, we got…

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5 Kitchen Tools Every Busy Mom Needs to Make Healthy Eating Convenient

Tools to make healthy cooking easy

Most of us don’t stand over making multiple, daily healthy meals like our grandmothers did. However, we know that the tantrums, hyperactivity, and meltdowns, are minimized when we provide our family with healthy meals. So, finding a meal prep shortcut is a must.   Today, I’m sharing the five kitchen tools that changed the game for me when it comes to convenient healthy eating. Having even one of these can relieve so much pressure. You’ll have confidence in your ability…

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After attending my first animated film press trip, and getting a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes, I have so much more appreciation for the art/craft. I’m going to try my best to give you guys a visual of what we got to experience and see in the room. It was a full day of presentations, but each one was different. And each one left me feeling like I knew absolutely nothing about animation before this trip. 😆 Creating the…

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Black Panther is NOW on Digital + DVD & Bluray #BlackPantherEvent


I can NOT believe it’s already that time! It seems like just yesterday I was preparing to head to LA for the Black Panther purple carpet event. And now, we are talking about the release of Black Panther on Digital and DVD/Bluray. I was ecstatic when I was offered a special Black Panther movie gift pack in exchange for sharing here on the blog and on social media. I had no idea all of what would be in there, but…

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During my trip last month to San Francisco, I mentioned we got to do some pretty cool things. One of those things was getting an inside look at the wardrobe and costumes created for Elastigirl, Edna Mode and newcomer Evelyn Deavor, as well as others. We got in-depth looks into what really goes into animation costume design. Huge thanks to Shading Art Director Bryn Imagire, Tailoring Lead Fran Kalal and Character Artist Deanna Marsigliese. Personally, I was blown away by…

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16 FLY & Fabulous Mompreneurs to Support This Mother’s Day

I love to support women doing amazing things, especially moms. Moms are dope. Somehow, we find time to not only raise amazing babies, be great wives and support everyone else, but many of us find time to run businesses. Cheers to all of the fabulous mompreneurs out there. I wanted to highlight mom bosses who I have personally purchased from or supported/continue to support. While there are so many fabulous mompreneurs out there, I haven’t been able to purchase from…



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If you’re planning your first Disney cruise, then you probably already have a checklist of things you’re preparing. And if you haven’t yet figured out what the heck to do for Pirate night, I gotchu! There is so much fun and excitement that goes on during Pirate night. What is Pirate Night on Disney Cruise? It is truly one of the most talked about nights on a Disney cruise. It’s like three parties all wrapped into one awesome night that…

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At the Disney Dreamers Academy, one of my favorite people to hear speak is Dr. Steve Perry. If you’re not familiar with him, you will want to be by the time you finish reading this post and watching the short interview clip with him below. His big message to this year’s Disney Dreamers Academy? Be Aggressively Humble! About Dr. Steve Perry In case you’re not familiar with Dr. Perry, you need to be. He is an incredible human being doing…

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Inside Pixar Studios: Exclusive Look at Where the Magic Happens #Incredibles2Event

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I’m back with one of my favorite parts of visiting Pixar a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, I was there for the Incredibles 2 Event! Not only did we get to tour Pixar Studios (also known as the Steve Jobs Building), we also toured the Archives, and created our own Superhero. I had no idea that Pixar does not usually do tours, so this was indeed a very special treat. It was so special to see first-hand…

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Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort: April 13-Sept 3, 2018 #PixarFest #Incredibles2Event

I just learned about Pixar Fest while in San Francisco for the Incredibles 2 Event. Have you heard about it yet? It’s the biggest theme park celebration and it starts today! The overall theme of Pixar Fest is friendship so you will see those stories throughout the parks and entertainment. I love that in true Disney fashion, they are bringing everything to life in an authentic, and true way. The biggest compliment they received to date is people asking if these…

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Disney Cruise Line Preps for Marvel Day at Sea + Black Panther Now at Disneyland #DisneySMMC

It’s another edition of #WaltDisneyWednesday! And I am super excited about this post. I wanted to attend Disney Cruise’s Marvel Day at Sea from the moment I first heard about it. Superheros and a Disney Cruise at the same time?! Yes, PLEASE! When we attending Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we got to hear all about this spectacular adventure returning to the Disney Magic in 2019. And obviously, joining the superhero family this time around is Black Panther! Disney Cruise Line Preps…

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Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum last week was an item I got to cross off of my “Disney list” of things I must do. While in San Francisco for the Incredibles 2 Event, Marshall made it happen for us. And 24 of 25 of us were first-timers so it was that much more special. I’ll be sharing more about the event and Incredibles 2 coming out June 15th over the coming weeks. Since we were in the vicinity of…

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